ACCA Course for CA | ACCA for CA Students | ACCA Eligbility for CA

"Is ACCA or CA better?
ACCA is a globally recognised course and is accepted in 180 countries around the world. … An ACCA certificate holder has the knowledge of the CA course along with additional knowledge of UK Laws, FAAP and IFRS. So, if you are interested in making a career abroad, ACCA would be a better option for you.FinTram Global offers Best Quality ACCA Education in the most Affordable and Flexible Format. Our students can choose for how many months they need to prepare for Exam and can pay for that specific time period only. Our lectures are available 24/7 making it extremely flexible for students to study anywhere and anytime. There is no restrictions in FinTram for student to view our sessions and relevant student can see them for any number of times in the chosen period for which sessions are bought."

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