A Delectable Traditional Indian Butter Chicken Recipe from Thandur's Kitchen

Why is it referred to as "butter chicken"?
Few people are aware that butter chicken was invented in Delhi, India in the 1950s by Kundan Lal Gujral. In Markham's authentic Best indian restaurant Near Me in Markham, butter chicken is also served under the name Murgh Makhni.
Let's learn how to prepare a delicious homemade version of butter chicken now.
Indian food is frequently described as hot, but you may decide how much spice you want to add to your dish. A milder curry is preferable to a spicy one, especially when eating butter chicken.
Making your own yoghurt marinade will result in chicken that is juicy, tender, and flavorful. While the chicken is marinating, add plain yoghurt, fresh ginger, garlic, and other readily available spices. You can pick chicken thighs or breasts that are boneless and skinless.
Start by combining your yoghurt and marinating.
The longer the chicken is marinated, the softer it will be. Marinate the chicken for around 20 minutes, or overnight if you have the time.
Cook the chicken in a skillet or pan; use the charred remains from the pan to make the sauce. You might decide to remove some burnt bits if you discover too many trapped in your pan.

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