1845917 Ontario LTD | Shopify Agency

We're a dynamic crew with the power to grow and adapt. We can effortlessly take on a multitude of projects and tasks without compromising quality or punctuality. The clock starts ticking on our project turnaround times once we've gained access to your store. With 80% of tasks crossing the finish line within a breezy 48 hours, our delivery speeds are tailored to the scope of each project.

Slack is our virtual playground for all things project management! We'll set up a cozy channel just for you and your team, where we'll swap updates and chitchat like true collaborators. Our management dream team hails from the Canada/US nexus, while our front-end wizards unite in Brazil, and our back-end maestros convene in India. This globe-trotting ensemble has been harmonizing for 5+ years, gracing some of Shopify's most illustrious brands with our talents.

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